Meet Caitlin

 I loved to move as a kid. Growing up in Vermont provided a lot of room for my wild heart to run and play. Movement drew me to yoga. Healing from OCD and other anxiety disorders (as a supplement to Cognitive Behavorial Therapy) led me to stay. Yoga gets me out of my head and into my body; it teaches me to go towards uncomfortable sensations and emotions rather than reverting to my more comfortable (yet less beneficial in the long-run) habits of running, suppressing and avoiding. 

Yoga (with its 8 limbs) is my anchor. It's my preventative care for my mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual well-being as well as my go-to tool when I'm spiraling out.

Yoga (a practice that originated in India and is thousands of years old) has instilled in me these teachings (among others):

Breathe deeply. Let go. Get embodied. Notice from a place of curiosity and non-judgment. Release perfectionism to tap into authenticy, humor, messiness, and, thus: freedom. Access the parasympathetic nervous system. Create space between a stimulus and a reaction to discover an opportunity to choose a response. Be in the now - that's where contentment resides. Remember our shared humanity. Do no harm and take action when you see harm occuring.

Clearly, I'm human. I don't always implement these lessons. I forget, revert to old habits and make mistakes (ahem: I'm human). Thankfully, yoga is designed to be a continual practice; an on-going returning and remembering. Like you, I'm a practitioner.

In short, yoga is about connection - to ourselves and to others. What lights me up is working to deepen those lines of connection.

It's an honor to share these teachings and to be in commuity with you.

My style is welcoming, fun-loving, encouraging, and uplifting.



300 HR "Path of Joy" YTT - Jessica Micheletti Yoga - Walnut Creek, CA
200 HR YTT - Just Be Yoga - Walnut Creek, CA
6 Month Social & Emotional Learning Facilitator Training - Challenge Day - Concord, CA
20 HR Compassion Course - Jill Satterfield - Winooski, VT
20 HR Trauma-Sensitive Training - The Lineage Project - New York, NY



This is your body, your practice. More important than how the poses look, is how they feel in your body. This practice teaches us to have the courage to listen carefully and respond loving to our individual needs.


Everyone's experience is unique. And, you ultimately know what is best for you. I simply offer suggestions for you to try on.


May these teachings remind us to trust oursleves by tuning into our inner-knowing while harnessing the power of our self-agency.


Thank you.

It takes a village.

It's thanks to my teachers that I am who I am today and able to offer these teachings.


To my teachers at Just Be who have profoundly impacted my life:

Jessica Micheletti. Jenni Wendell. Malia Hill. Misha McNair. 

To my therapist who changed my course completely:

Teresa Candido.

To my sweet dog, Mayzie, who teaches me how to offer unwavering love, greet people with a boat load of enthusiasm, and embrace every opportunity to get outdoors!

To my family and friends who keep me laughing, and offer up continual love, encouragement and support.

And, to my husband, Chris, who teaches me how to show up tirelessly for others, be goofy, dance often, and live life "to the hilt" as he says.

To the countless others who have shifted my views, changed my heart and opened my mind for the better - thank you.

To each of you, I bow deeply in gratitude.