Classes can be tailored to meet your group's size, interests and needs.

Recommended duration for all classes - 60 mins (although, classes can be anywhere from 30mins-75mins).

All classes are open to all levels. No experience required.

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to discuss requests, needs, and pricing

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Workshops can be tailored or created to meet your group's size, interests, and needs.

Recommended duration for all workshops: 75 mins.

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to discuss requests, needs, and pricing.

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Vinyasa Flow



Get ready to breathe, move, and rinse it out in this Vinyasa class centered around a theme relating to the philosophy of yoga and a carefully crafted playlist to guide you towards that juicy flow state. Take rest in a restorative savasana at the end of class to savor the moment.


Flow & Let Go



Experience a blend of an uplifting vinyasa practice to find your flow followed by a nourishing, restorative practice for you to unwind and let go. The first half of this dynamic and soothing class will be linking breath to movement while the second half will be holding restful poses for several minutes at a time. 

White Butterfly

Chair Yoga



In this uplifting and invigorating Chair Yoga class, you'll be guided through meditation and breathing techniques to help soothe the body and mind. With the support of a chair, you'll learn gentle seated movement that you can incorporate into your workday or any kind of day to release tension, calm the nervous system, and reenergize.

Dandelion Parachute Seed




Experience a gentle class that slows things down and allows us to take our time getting in and out of poses that offer movement, stretching, relaxation, and a sense of ease in the body, mind, and spirit.

Grass and Flowers




Yin is a cooling practice centered around holding poses (that are usually low to the ground) often for several minutes to access our connective tissues and promote health in our joints, ligaments and fascia. This practice is more effortful than a restorative class, and can be challenging in a way that's different from a more yang practice like Vinyasa Flow.

Mountain Range




Settle into stillness for several minutes in supportive, relaxing and restful poses meant to offer a sense of ease, replenishment and calm. We'll invite the release of tension from the body, mind and spirit to melt away as we release into these low-to-the-ground postures.

Hot Air Balloons

Getting Unstuck



Experience a workshop that harnesses the power of tonglen meditation, Non-Violent Communication, and free form dance to move towards discomfort in order to find a release that welcomes in a sense of freedom and letting go.

Rock Balancing

Restoring Balance & Bliss



Experience a relaxing and rejuvenating restorative practice that accesses and balances the chakras through the senses. This workshop combines essential oils, yin yoga, affirmations, visualizations, and a curated playlist to bring a greater sense of peace and bliss to the body, mind and spirit. Inspired and informed by Anodea Judith's teachings from her book, "Eastern Body, Western Mind."


Mindful Eating



Experience a dynamic workshop designed to empower and inspire you to incorporate the practice of eating mindfully into your daily rhythm. You'll learn about the benefits of the practice and be given guidelines to rely on. Through sharing, meditating, practicing, journaling, and uncovering your "why"- you will discover the joy in slowing that fork down. Inspired and informed by Geneen Roth's book "Women, Food and God: An Unexpected Path to Almost Everything."


"We had Caitlin teach several yoga classes for our office at IDEO. She was able to work with a huge range of abilities, space limitations, and schedule restrictions. Her style is inclusive, positive, and energizing. I highly recommend her for any group or office classes! She received rave reviews from staff."

Mollie D.


Corporate Clients

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